Should I bring cash on my trip? What's the best way to exchange cash?

It never hurts to bring a little extra spending cash for souvenirs, staff tips or optional activities! :) Carrying a small amount of cash is a great way to avoid foreign transaction fees from your banks, and many establishments in remote locations may not accept a credit or debit card.

Remember to always notify your bank that you’ll be traveling overseas. If you do not notify your bank before you go, your bank may put a freeze on your account as fraud protection if they see a foreign charge on your account. 

The easiest way to obtain foreign currency is simply to withdraw cash from an ATM once you arrive at the airport. Even though banks often charge foreign transaction fees, these fees usually tend to be lower than the fees charged at a currency exchange counter.

Always check with your bank ahead of time on the cost of foreign transaction fees. Some banks offer no-foreign-fee credit and debit cards. 

If you do use an exchange counter, head to this counter once you reach your destination--the exchange rate in the country you're visiting usually gives you a better exchange rate than counters in the US.

You may also be able to order foreign currency in advance through your local bank. Often you can pick it up at your local branch or have it shipped directly to you in advance of your trip.

Many of our venues do not have ATMs on-site, so we recommend obtaining cash before you reach the resort. 

If you’re curious about exchange rates, use this link


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