Why do I need to submit my flight details?

The majority of our trips offer complimentary shuttles or taxis to and from the venue. To ensure that you are placed on the correct shuttle, we require you submit your travel details to us at least 50 days before your trip.

Worried that you'll forget to submit this? Don't sweat it. Once it comes time for you to book your flights, we'll send regular reminder emails with a link to a form where you can submit your travel details. You can also submit these details by logging into your account.

Remember: If you submit your travel information to us less than 50 days of your retreat's start date, we cannot guarantee you a spot on one of our shuttles, so it’s important to submit your flight details to us as early as your can!

Even if you're making your own way to the venue, please submit these details to us too--we don't want to keep bugging you! 

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