Can I co-lead a trip with a friend?

Want to launch a retreat with a co-leader?  Submit a Request and tell us your name, the name of your trip, and your desired co-leader. We'll help you add two leaders to your trip page.  Both leaders need to have active Trip Tribe accounts to be listed as co-leaders.

Here's how trip leader perks and fees work when there are two leaders:

Trip leader perks:

5 guests: 1 leader gets retreat paid for.*
10 guests: 1 leader gets retreat paid for and 1 leader gets one-time $500 bonus.
20 guests: 2 leaders get retreat paid for and 2 leaders get one-time $500 bonus.

* Flights excluded.  Trip Tribe does not purchase or reimburse for flights for trip leaders.

Trip leader fees:

Ambassador fee for trip leaders to share for each booked guest. The ambassador fee is set by the user publishing the trip.*

*Booked guests must travel on your trip for trip leaders to be eligible for fee and guest count. Booked guests who cancel do not count towards your trip leader fee.

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