What is my responsibility to my guests during the retreat?

We expect all trip leaders to take on the primary duties of leading the way for your group.  Though our individual itineraries vary, we find that the most successful trips have leaders who are involved and present.

Your requirement as a trip leader is to teach at least one class per day, though the number of times you'd like to teach is entirely up to you! Many trip leaders opt to teach more than one class, some have offered their guests “office hours” to work on specific areas while others opt for only one class to allow for extra activities or free time.

While leading your trip, reach out to any activity partners, talk to the venue about any concerns, and be proactive about making your students feel comfortable and cared for. For instance, if students need to chat outside of class time about some sort of issue, you should be available for them. Depending upon how many activities have been scheduled for your group and how many hours of class you teach per day, you may or may not have significant free time. 

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