What are your booking policies for venues?

Listing Your Venue

  • In order to list your Venue with Trip Tribe, a Venue must block a minimum of 12 beds for 4 nights exclusively for Trip Tribe.  Venues are welcome and encouraged to block as many rooms as they’d like.  The average Trip Tribe trip is 6 nights.    
  • In return, Trip Tribe will list the Venue on our site at no charge for 90 days.
  • If, within 90 days of Venue list date, a Group books your Venue, Trip Tribe pays a $1000 deposit to hold space.
  • If, 90 days after Venue list date, a Group does not book your Venue, you have the opportunity to remove your listing.  We’ll keep advertising your dates until you tell us to take them down.  (Don't worry, we'll remind you!) 

Policy for Booked Groups for Venues

  • 120 days prior to trip start, Trip Tribe will confirm the reservation and final group size.  Any rooms not utilized by Trip Tribe will be released back to the Venue and the Venue is free to sell them to their community.     
  • If late registrants are interested in booking the trip, Trip Tribe will work directly with the Venue to determine if additional rooms are available.  
  • Trip Tribe submits all final balances to Venues 45 days prior to trip start.

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