How much money will I make leading a trip? When will you send payment?

All trip leaders choose their per-guest rate and receive that amount for each person that books and travels on your trip.  The average trip leader rate is $150.  

Any trip leader that has 10 or more people book and travel receives a one-time $500 bonus.

For example, if your trip leader rate is $150/guest:
If you have 9 people book and travel, you would earn $1350. (9 x $150)
If you have 10 people book and travel, you would earn $2000. (10 x $150 + $500 bonus)

Please note, Trip Tribe does not pay for or reimburse flight costs.

We submit payments to all trip leaders within 3 to 5 business days after the final day of your trip. We pay by check or PayPal - your choice! Please email us at upon return from your trip to alert us of your preferred payment method so that we may make prompt payment.


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